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Travel & GIVE’s executive team is comprised of allied health professionals (speech language pathologists and occupational therapists) who are active participants of their professional communities as providers, leaders, and educators. The greater team consists of physical therapists, mental health professionals, audiologists, and other skilled professionals actively working to create change. Representation matters. When children learn from people who look like them, they are not only able to relate more easily, they also build self-confidence and long term goals. Travel & Give’s team is composed of a diverse, largely minority, individuals who children can relate to and envision themselves eventually becoming.

Alvin Creswell

Board Member | Treasurer

Lawrence Miner

Global Documentarian

Pepper Pociask

Project Management

Catherine Njeru

Therapy Aid

Amoi Alawoya

Board Member | Strategic HR Leader

Rob Adams

Board Member | Lawyer

Anne Kenya Dubuisson

Mental Health Team Lead

Nyeesha Williams

Mental Health Specialist

Kimmerly Harrell

Board Member | Program Manager

Eliza Thompson

Speech Pathologist

Ginger Larson

Research Director

Tamara Easley

Executive Team | Lead Speech Pathologist

Nailah Smith

Speech Pathologist (CF)

Dawn Smith

Travel Coordinator

Our Founders


Martine Harris

Executive Director

Martine Harris is a Speech-Language Pathologist, and founder and president of Travel & GIVE. Martine is Haitian-American, and grew up in Colorado Springs, Colorado. At 10 years old, Martine’s 16 year old cousin, Jean-Bernard Brutus (JBB), who was deaf was adopted by Martine’s mother and relocated to the United States in hopes that he would live a more fulfilling life. Although it was hard for JBB to leave his family and friends behind in Haiti, in the United States, he thrived through access to quality education which focused on promotion of independence and autonomy. In 2002, Jean-Bernard passed away in a tragic accident. Motivated by his death, and in hopes to reconnect to her Haitian roots, in 2009 Martine moved to Port-Au-Prince, Haiti, to work as an English teacher. During her tenure as a teacher, Martine identified barriers to success and limited resources for children with disabilities in the Haitian community. In 2010, a devastating earthquake impacted Haiti, and disability numbers greatly increased, while allied health services did not. Fueled by the lack of accessibility and misinformation surrounding disabilities in Haiti, Martine founded Travel & GIVE to promote inclusivity and understanding of disability, to allow more children to thrive within their own community.
Screen Shot 2022-06-25 at 3.53.30 AM

Jean-Bernard Brutus

The drive behind Travel & GIVE

2/29/1980 - 8/22/2002

Jean-Bernard (JBB) was born in Haiti and moved to the US at the age of 16-years old. JBB attended the Colorado School for the Deaf and Blind School and learned American Sign Language within 3 months after moving from Haiti. He exposed so many people within his community to a person living with a “disability” – he played basketball, drove, enjoyed skiing, and communicated with hearing people in his communication by reading lips and writing. JB left us at the age of 22, but his legacy lives on through the mission of Travel & GIVE.

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