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TeleHealth Program Haiti & Kenya

Travel & GIVE’s (TAG) Telehealth program is the solution to the inaccessibility of therapeutic interventions for children (ages birth to 21) living with disabilities in countries where stigmas prevent inclusivity and hinder academic and social growth of the individual. Within many villages in Haiti, people believe that a person’s disability is contagious, and therefore they avoid interactions, limit social and educational opportunities, and in turn isolate the child. While allied health services are valued and understood in well-developed and diverse countries, globally this is not the case. The Telehealth program is led by a group of allied health professionals who provide access to professional development courses and supervision of therapeutic services to our partner organizations supporting people living with disabilities across the globe through shared cloud drives, video chats, and other virtual platforms. For each individual client referred by our partner organizations in Haiti and Kenya, TAG professionals provide screeners, treatment plans, and targeted goals to help each client reach their highest level of achievement in education, speech, fine/gross motor skills, and mental health.

Previous Programs

Travel & GIVE has teamed up with the meal prep company, Trifecta, to deliver 20 prepared meals weekly to families of children with disabilities in low-income areas in the Greater Los Angeles area. Trifecta delivers well-balanced, nutritious meals to families’ doors every Friday morning.
We have been organizing groups of allied health professionals to share their knowledge, skills, and techniques with faculty and staff at schools and orphanages in Port-au-Prince and Saint Marcs every three to four months since 2016.
Travel and GIVE collected books for children and students attending schools in St. James Parish, Jamaica in 2017.
We conducted a drive to collect much-needed hygiene supplies for those directly impacted by the devastation of Hurricane Harvey in Texas in 2017.
Partnering with the Madison Square Girls & Boys Club in New York City, NY, we helped collect winter weather essentials and toys for kids during holiday season in 2017.

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